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Donation & Grant Management

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Streamline application management

Banish emails and paper applications. We build you customized forms that can be embedded in your own website.

Your Thrive dashboard provides a central portal for the management of all requests – accept, decline and action requests & directly communicate with applicants and team members.

Save time, make better decisions and be consistent in your communication.

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Uncover & publicize your real community impact

Automatically gather great stories and images from your recipients through our innovative mobile technology – uncover your real community impact. Receive and review these on your own customized timeline.

Easily export or share your stats and stories – report to the board, create great PR and boost staff engagement!

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Track and report on your amazing work

The Thrive system acts a central place to manage and track all your community sponsorships, grants and donation. From this you generate reports highlighting the success of your programs in ways never before possible.

Quickly create different reports for different audiences.

Share reports easily with stakeholders to keep everyone aware of the amazing outcomes your programs are achieving.

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Donation – Features

Grant and Donation Management Features

Our grants and donations management system does everything you would expect it to do, including these most requested features:

  • Structured online application forms

  • Central dashboard to review and manage all applications

  • ‘Always viewable’ running totals year-to-date

  • Correspondence templates and accept/decline applications in 3 clicks

  • Inventory system to track all your donations / grants

  • Tailored access permissions for admins and reviewer/committee

  • File upload functionality for storage of all relevant documents

  • Tailored reports and insights

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Donation – Walkthrough

Product Tour

Take a self guided tour of the Thrive Grant & Donation solution. See what the software looks like and how it can effortlessly help your CSR staff.

View Thrive Grant & Donation Management Tour – CLICK HERE

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